Monday, March 8, 2010

Friday, December 25, 2009

Go Diego Go, 2nd birthday party!! 2008

Diego's 2nd Birthday was no other than "Go Diego Go"
for the invites we gave everyonea bottle with the invite
inside that had been burned to look authentic =)

Even looks old!! Smells like coffee lol
Treasure boxes we also gave all the kids there own sword and eyepatch
The Pirate Cake arhh!
My little Pirate
the tables
Some wall decor
The Jumping balloon
Games pop that balloon!
Treasure chest full of prizes that was thrown in the air all the
kidswent crazy so much fun!
Pinata time, Diego only stood in front
of the line but never dared hit the thing!
The poured out the candy out of the poor pinata
Happy Birthday song..... ......birthday to you.....Presents

To much party to tired!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

3rd Birthday-- Ben 10 -- !!2009

My little Ben 10 turning 3
The invite you had to turn the part of the watch to read the invite

The cookies I was in a rush but I think they came out ok.

The omnitrex cake!!
The table decorations
The [party favors /containers full of goodies
The table decor
The Jumping Balloon with the Birthday boys theme and name!!
He's so excited!! My little Ben 10 =)
Jumping Balloon Time!!
Pinata time!!
Musical Chairs!!
Happy Birthday to you.......
He made his wish, happy birthday son love you!!